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Danbury Tree Surgery means Quality from a trained and certified team

Tree surgery is not just a job for us, it's a passion.

Expert knowledge

Expert knowledge Our team is trained to a high standard. Our company has more than 30 years of skill and experience. 


We promise fair quotes and to deliver high quality work on every job. We have a trusted reputation backed by loyal customers. 


Our team is polite, hardworking and tidy. We take pride in our work.

What can we do for you?

Our Services

Thanks to Danbury Tree Surgery's 30 years of experience and highly qualified professionals, we understand the intricacies of handling all tree and hedge works while working with modern equipment.

Felling danbury tree surgery


Tree Felling is the removal of the whole tree to near ground level. We are able to undertake the complete removal of a tree no matter how big or small. We are well-equipped for everything of the highest quality. Safety first.

Crown Reduction & Shaping Danbury Tree Surgery

Crown Raising and Lifting

This is when low branches in the trees canopy are removed to let more light through or to increase clearance between the tree and a required area. Such pruning promotes better air circulation throughout the canopy.

Crown Raising and Lifting Danbury Tree Surgery

Crown Reduction & Shaping

This is done to reduce the height or the width of the tree and in most cases still maintaining the tree's natural shape. This technique not only ensures the tree fits better within its surroundings but also helps to prevent potential damage from high winds or heavy snowfall.

Crown Thinning Danbury Tree Surgery

Crown Thinning

By maintaining the tree's shape while reducing canopy volume, thinning enhances health and natural regrowth. This involves removing damaged, diseased, or crowded branches to allow more light into the canopy.

Pollarding Danbury tree surgery


This is carried out for height maintenance. The upper branches and canopy of the tree is removed so only the main body of the tree is left. This can not be undertaken on all trees, if you require this service please call us for advice.

Crown clearing Danbury Tree Surgery

Crown Clearing

This involves removing damaged or diseased branches, dead wood, climbing plants and general tree litter making the tree safe.

Danbury Tree Surgery Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

This is done to remove the stump of a felled tree. The process is carried out by using a grinding machine to remove the stump below the ground level. This allows the area to be used for planting or turfing.

Danbury Tree Surgery Logs


We supply fantastic seasoned split hard wood logs which are great for fires and log burners. Please call us for a price. We deliver right to your home.

Danbury Tree Surgery Hedge cutting and trimming

Hedge Cutting & Trimming

Pruning will make your hedges dense and bushy. It also encourages plant growth. However, for the pruning process to be effective, you need to ensure that it is carried out regularly. It will extend the life cycle of your hedge.

Do you have a question about Danbury's Tree Surgery's services? Have a look here, you'll find some answers.

trained & certified tree surgeons


Free consultation with no obligation

Qualified, equipped and experienced

5 Stars rated on Google

trained & certified tree surgeons


Free consultation with no obligation

Qualified, equipped and experienced

5 Stars rated on Google

1375+ satisfied customers speak for us

5,0⭐ Reviews

Gil Gordon


Over a number of years Stuart has carried out many different tasks for us and also for our village church. I have recommended him to many people. He is very knowledgeable and I completely trust his advice, as has been borne out by his excellent reshaping of an old chestnut tree for example. His team leave the site very tidy and we've always been grateful for his professional, reliable and accommodating manner re. timing of work and also the realistic cost.


We recently engaged Danbury Tree Surgery to prune our lime and beech trees. The whole service from the time of the quote to completion was delivered in a professional way. The team were both courteous and respectful and ensured the garden was left in a clear state .


Really pleased with the work Stuart and his team have completed for us recently - six conifers taken down, plus a huge bay tree. They were reliable, friendly, knowledgeable and left the garden really tidy. And the cost was reasonable too. Would definitely recommend and would use again.


We’ve used Danbury Tree Surgery for a number of years and Stuart and his team have never let us down. The work has always been great and at a fair price. Stuart has always been very honest on what needs to be done and definitely does not suggest work that is not required. Extremely trustworthy and professional. We will keep using Danbury Tree Surgery for many more years to come as they are simply the best around. Highly recommended!

Google overall rating 5,0 out of 5 based on 17 reviews

About us

The Story of Danbury Tree Surgery

Ron and John Stockton

In the green splendor of Danbury, a special company was born of The Stockton Bros in the 1970's: Danbury Tree Surgery. Ron and John's deep love and devotion for nature shaped the foundation of this firm.

Stuart Biggs, taken in by the brothers as if he were their own son, carried on their legacy. He learned the art of tree care by their side, a knowledge that goes far beyond books.

As the founding era of the brothers ended, Stuart took the helm. He gave them his word to keep their vision and passion alive. Under his leadership, the company underwent gentle modernization without losing its soul.

Today, a team of certified professionals carries forward Stuart's and the Stockton brothers' legacy, united in the mission to treat trees with respect and care. 

Danbury Tree Surgery stands not only for expertise in tree care but also for a deeply rooted promise to preserve nature and its stories for future generations.

Contact Information Danbury Tree Surgery

Sometimes we hang high up in the tree.

Please message us. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Alternative Phone: 01245 222403 or 07951041872

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What certifications and insurance does Danbury Tree Surgery hold?

Danbury Tree Surgery is fully insured and boasts a team of tree surgeons who are not only vastly experienced but also NPTC and "City & Guilds Qualified." This certifications represents a high standard of training and expertise, ensuring that all work on your trees is conducted with utmost professionalism and safety. With over 30 years of experience, Danbury Tree Surgery commits to upholding the highest standards of safety and quality in every task they undertake.

Do I need permission to have work carried out on my trees in Danbury?

In some cases, yes. If your trees are located in a conservation area or are subject to Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), you will need to obtain permission from your local council before any work can be carried out. Danbury Tree Surgery can provide advice and assistance in this process.

Why is it important to hire a professional tree surgeon like Danbury Tree Surgery?

Tree surgery involves complex, potentially dangerous work that requires specific skills, equipment, and knowledge to ensure it is carried out safely and effectively. Danbury Tree Surgery has decades of experience and a team of certified professionals to ensure the health and safety of your trees and property.

How does Danbury Tree Surgery determine their pricing for tree services?

Pricing depends on several factors including the type of service required, the size and number of trees, access to the site, and any special equipment that may be needed. Danbury Tree Surgery offers a free, no-obligation consultation to provide an accurate quote.

Can trees really damage my property?

Yes, trees can cause damage through root growth, dropping branches, and falling during severe weather. Regular maintenance by a professional tree surgeon can mitigate these risks and ensure your trees remain healthy and safe.

What's the best time of year to schedule tree work with Danbury Tree Surgery?

While some tree work can be done year-round, the best time generally depends on the species of tree and the type of work needed. Danbury Tree Surgery can advise on the optimal time for pruning, felling, or other services to ensure the best outcome for your trees.

Do mature trees require special care from Danbury Tree Surgery?

Yes, mature trees may need specific maintenance to preserve their health and stability, such as crown thinning or deadwood removal. Danbury Tree Surgery’s team has the expertise to care for mature trees properly.

How can I identify a dangerous tree?

Signs of a dangerous tree include dead or hanging branches, cracks in the trunk, decay, and leaning significantly. If you suspect a tree may be dangerous, contact Danbury Tree Surgery for a professional assessment.

What should I do if my neighbour trees are causing issues?

It’s best to discuss the situation with your neighbor first. If you can’t reach an agreement, Danbury Tree Surgery can offer advice and services to safely address the issue while complying with local regulations.

Will birds or bats affect my tree work with Danbury Tree Surgery?

If your trees are home to protected species like birds or bats, there may be restrictions on when and how work can be done. Danbury Tree Surgery can conduct a wildlife survey and advise on how to proceed legally and ethically.

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